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Nissan completes U.K.’s ‘most complex’ autonomous car trip, proving the value of a local approach


Nissan-led HumanDrive achieved a major milestone as it completed a 230 mile autonomous journey across the UK


A Nissan Leaf completed one of the U.K.'s longest and most challenging autonomous car journeys, highlighting the value of a localized approach.

Nissan Leaf has completed what it claims is one of the U.K.’s longest and most challenging autonomous car journeys to date. But while the trip represents a notable milestone for the U.K.’s self-driving car ambitions, it also highlights the importance of taking a localized approach to training driverless car systems.

To get an autonomous vehicle up to speed, you need to put the miles in — that’s the popular narrative, at least. Alphabet’s Waymo, at the forefront of the self-driving car movement, last month announced that its driverless vehicles had traversed 20 million miles on public roads and tens of billions of miles through computer simulated environments. But there is also a growing sense that while the number of miles driven is important, context is just as vital — the situations, locations, and environment in which those miles were driven.

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Paul Sawers February 5th 2020

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