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Gold Level Contributor

How IoT Could End Deforestation

How IoT Could End Deforestation

Image: Allie - Unsplash

Deforestation is one of the most severe threats facing the environment today. The world loses millions of acres of forest a year, so people need to act fast to save them. Thankfully, new technology can help protect the world’s forests.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting developments in recent technology. You likely use IoT devices every day, but they can also help end deforestation. People across the globe are already using the IoT in the fight to save the forest.

What Is IoT?

The IoT refers to the ever-growing network of internet-connected devices and sensors. You see it in action in the near countless number of products labeled “smart” these days. Smart speakers, smart plugs and smart lights are all examples of IoT devices in everyday life.

There are almost 12 billion of these devices in the world today, and this number keeps increasing. Most of them help make your daily life more comfortable or convenient, but they can play a more meaningful role, too. Here are just a few of the ways that the IoT can help end deforestation.

Stopping Illegal Logging

Environmental regulations only restrain legal logging, while illegal operations still contribute to deforestation. Finding and stopping illicit loggers can be challenging, but IoT sensors help. Minuscule devices on trees can detect signs of unauthorized logging and alert the authorities in real-time.

These sensors can watch over the forests where people can’t. When they hear sounds like chainsaws or large trucks, they alert nearby law enforcement and conservation agencies. These authorities can then intervene immediately, finding and stopping these illegal loggers.

A few areas in the Amazon rain forest already use these IoT sensors. With more widespread adoption, people can protect more forests.

Planting New Trees

Fighting deforestation both preventing tree loss and restoring destroyed forests. By planting more trees, you help combat the effects of deforestation globally. The IoT can help in this area, too, with tree-planting drones.

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Originally published on
inside Big Data
author | Caleb Danziger  The Byte Beat
May 20, 2020

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