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Bronze Level Contributor
10 Best IoT Development Tools and Technologies in 2020

Illustration: © IoT For All

As per diverse research, IoT linked devices will cross 75 billion by 2025. The scope and development of IoT are going to evolve in the coming years ultimately influencing people and companies to seek the top IoT product solutions. IoT development tools are created for tailing IoT applications across various networks and managing diverse updates to test how app changes can affect hardware responses.

If you’re looking for the top IoT development platforms or want to work with some of the top IoT development companies below is a list of some of the most popular IoT development tools and technologies.

Microsoft Azure IoT kits

Microsoft Azure created a team by coordinating with Adafruit for building six IoT kits that come Azure Certified for the need of IoT developers having single-board PCs, actuators, and sensors. Generally, developers can make use of the WiFi boards, SD cards, sensors, and colored LEDs inside the kits. Some of the IoT kits from Azure are intended for the need of top IoT product development by experts. Those who are beginners or have intermediate knowledge can try the Adafruit Raspberry Pi Kit, Adafruit Feather M0 Kit, and SparkFun Thing Dev Kit.

Arduino (IDE)

Adruino is a top IT company based in Italy famous for building microcontroller boards, and interactive kits and objects that are reputed as the most preferred IDEs among other IoT development tools. Arduino crafted a full-blown, optimized, and mature platform for interconnecting diverse hardware systems. Arduino provides a full IoT package that is enriched with many top examples and libraries that supports the industry-grade IoT app development projects.

Arduino offers IoT packages enriched with library support for top industry-grade IoT app development projects. Arduino is easy-to-use to implement strategies that any beginner can adopt and start with it.


Raspbian IoT IDE was built for the Raspberry Pi board offered by IoT tech specialists. With more than 35,000 packages and various examples of rapid installation that come with the use of pre-compiled software make it an important IoT development tool. Maybe Raspbian’s greatest quality is that it’s under constant development and has widened reach for computing so users receive maximum benefits.


DeviceHive is an open-source machine to machine communication framework that was launched in 2012. DeviceHive is considered as one of the most preferred IoT application development platforms because it has a cloud-based API that anybody can control remotely and independently of network configuration.

The same applies to its management portal, protocols, and libraries. DeviceHive works best with applications that address security, sensors, automation, and smart home technology. As a bonus, DeviceHive’s website includes support and references from its community and online blog resources.

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Originally published by
Patrick R | July 24, 2020
iot for all

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