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Bronze Level Contributor

Image credit: Images By Tang Ming Tung | Getty Images

Many of us recently learned our school districts' return-to-learning plans include virtual learning. Thus far, we've been just getting by managing childcare and work.

Parents working from home, how are we going to make back-to-school work this…

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Bronze Level Contributor

The small business attitude adjustment

COVID-19 has turned the worlds of small businesses upside down. So much so, that even before lockdown commenced, hotels and bars were seeing revenue drops of 50-60%. Despite plans to ease lockdown measures and restart the economy, it will be a long time before small businesses are able to return to their known ‘normal’. Social distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable future, completely reshaping the way that shops, cafes, salons and many others operate. We…

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Gold Level Contributor

Illustration: Dom Guzman

South Korea is a country winning in the war against COVID-19 and U.S. startups are taking notice. As a result of its success, the country has attracted entrepreneurs from around the world who are eager to grow their businesses during the pandemic.

Although growth for South Korea is not new–two years ago we reported…

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